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A Window Into Your Soul

Calling All Angels


Angel Portrait Paintings


What is an angel portrait ?

An Angel Portrait is a unique one of a kind painting of your guardian angel. Your Angel painting builds a timeless bridge between you and your angelic team through the use of color and layers of interactive meaning conveyed through the symbolic metaphorical imagery. This creates a deeply interpersonal piece of art designed to support you. Your angel portrait’s timeless quality contains an ongoing invitation of interconnection between you and your angels and guides.

How will my angel painting support me?

Your angel painting creates a visual reminder of the love and support your angelic team holds for you throughout life.

Similar to how a mandala can be interacted with as a meditation tool, an angel painting offers a focused anchoring for contemplation and meditation to continuously deepen your own intimate interconnection with your angels and guides

Your team of angels assists you throughout your life. When you call in your angels, this unseen etheric support can create an activation for openings to support and assistance within the multitude of challenges and choices we all face during life. 


There are many ways that your Angel portrait and the angel reading session can assist you along your path. Life transitions of any kind from new beginnings, career changes, starting a new family, and parenting. Your angels are ready to assist you with your relationships of all kinds, from work to family, children, friends, and associates.

You can also call them in to be part of your support network for a new endeavor such as a business or organization you are developing or participating in. Your angels love to act as the muse to assist with a creative project. To lend their support with the beginnings of all kinds. Your angels and guides can lend a fresh and positive perspective and bring awareness to other options for your consideration.


 How is my angel painting created?

Acting as the intermediary, the artist, Aly, creates for you an etheric visionary piece of personal spiritual art. utilizing her own intuitive skills and soul interconnection to the angelic realms. 

The Angel Painting process begins with a 60 minute angel reading session, where you will meet online with Aly for an angel reading session included as part of the painting purchase. Learn more

During the session you are introduced to your angelic team, this is activated at the beginning where we  sett our intention through a guided meditation to open the interconnection between you and your angels and guides. For Aly, this quickly develops a direct visionary and auditory link with your angels, along with opening a liaison to facilitate the conversation between you and your angelic team. The session offers you the opportunity to ask any queries of your angelic team. As the conversation with your angels occurs, Aly will also begin to draw in and sketch the visions provided by your angels for the preliminary sketch of your angel painting.


Angel Readings

Our angels and guides hold great love and respect for us.

Angel reading sessions happen in a secure private online meeting space (zoom meeting room) To begin the angel reading session, sacred space and intention is set with a gentle meditation to connect to our angels and guides and soul essence and source. 

An energetic space special is created for your angels to communicate and share answer any questions, along with their perspectives and observations to assist you in your personal life situations brought to the reading session and provides an excellent opportunity to ask any questions while exploring perspectives and options with your angels and guides. Aly will also provide you with any descriptive images that arise during the reading session. All angel reading sessions are digitally recorded to resource and review at a later time.