Angel Portrait & Reading


The Angel Portrait Painting is not a portrait of the client

The Angel Portrait Painting service offered will not be a direct mirror image portrait painting of yourself. The Angel Portrait is a painted image of one of the purchaser’s own guardian angels. 

Read and learn more on the home page about what is an Angel Portrait Painting.

Because of the nature of how each painting created, the artist, Aly, takes art direction only from the angels and guides of the client.  Art direction requests from the client are not allowed in any form. The Angel Portrait paintings are based solely on the inner vision received by Aly and how she integrates and translates these inner visions with her artistic training and skill. 

Painting Details


Painting size is 18" x 24”

Paper is a high quality, 140 lb. 100% cotton, archival, acid-free, hot press watercolor paper. 

The mediums used for the paintings are professional grade watercolor and watercolor pencil.

After the reading session has been completed, Aly will continue to develop and create your angel painting.

Please allow 3 weeks for your painting to be completed.

Angel Reading


Your angel reading session is a very special meeting between you and your angels and guides, with Aly acting as the intermediary to connect you with your angelic team. 

The angel reading session begins with a meditation to set the space and intention while calling in your angels and guides to join us while we acknowledge their presence, assistance, and support

During the reading session, you will have the opportunity for conversation with your angels and guides. A meeting place where you can ask questions and receive answers and messages.

Angel Reading Calendar


When you select the Angel Portrait Painting, you will be guided to select your timezone and then choose a convenient date and time to schedule your angel reading session on the appointment calendar. Once payment is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with links to adjust and reschedule your appointment time along with instructions and links for the meeting space. You can adjust and change your appointment up until 16 hours before your appointment begins.

Once your Angel Reading session is scheduled, you will receive 3 reminder emails prior to the appointment with the first reminder email sent 24 hours before, 2nd email sent 8 hours before, and the third and final reminder email sent 1 hour before the scheduled appointment

Read more about the Angel Portrait & Angel Reading terms and conditions

Missed Appointments:

There is an $80 rescheduling fee for a missed no-show appointment. 

Zoom Meeting Room


The Angel Portrait Reading session takes place in a private and secure meeting room on

This allows the artist, Aly to connect and work with you long distance, wherever you may live.

After the purchase transaction is completed an email will be sent with links to follow and choose a convenient date and time for the Angel Portrait Reading session along with instructions and support for downloading the Zoom meeting app onto the client’s computer/ tablet or smartphone.

Session Recording

The Angel Portrait Reading session is recorded by zoom with your permission and at the completion of the session, a .mp3 audio file and .mp4 video file of the session will be shared for the client to download. This recording file link will be sent soon after the session is completed. Because of limited cloud file storage, the session files will only be stored at the link for 48 hours. Because of cloud storage space restrictions, after 48 hours and all session files are deleted from the server.

Zoom Client for Meetings app download

Zoom Instructions Zoom Support Center

System Requirements for Zoom Meeting Room

Angel Gift Card Details

Angel Gift Card


Purchasing a digital gift card creates a unique code. The gift card recipient can enter this code at checkout to subtract the gift card value from their order total.

Angel Portrait Gift Card purchase applies only for the purchase of an Angel Portrait & Reading.

Refunding a purchase made with a gift card adds the refunded amount back to the gift card's balance only.

Gift cards apply to the order total, including tax, shipping, and any transaction fees. If the order total exceeds the gift card value, the customer will pay the remaining amount using PayPal or Stripe.

An Angel Portrait & Reading Gift Card is redeemable for one year from purchase date.

Gift cards are only available as an email or printable .pdf file. Soul Interconnection does not offer plastic (or printed) gift cards.

Gifting options include:

Customers can email the Gift Card with the .pdf attached at their desired time to the recipient.

Mail a printed copy of the gift card to the recipient.

Print a copy of the gift card and present it to the recipient in person.

Shipping, Returns & Copyright



Shipping for the Angel Portrait painting is free

Your painting will be carefully packaged and insured for shipping.
I use USPS priority for shipping. Depending on location, shipping speed is set to priority unless it's not available. Outside the US, shipping speed will take longer. 

You will be notified by email when your painting ships.  A tracking number for your shipment will be provided by email when the painting is shipped.

Soul Interconnection is located within the US.

Paintings are shipped from the US.

Refunds and Returns


Angel Portraits can only be refunded up until the Angel Reading Session begins. After the Angel Reading session begins, Angel Portraits are no longer refundable.

Completed Angel Portraits cannot be returned or refunded.

Paintings damaged during shipping:

If Painting received is damaged during shipping, the customer must contact me within 7 days. Please include detailed photographs of the painting damage. 

Damaged Paintings must be returned within 12 days from notifying me.

Once I have received the damaged painting, I will assess the damage and submit the shipping insurance claim. Allow three weeks for replacement painting to be completed. An email will be sent with a tracking number included when painting replacement has shipped.

I am not responsible for lost painting shipments. Please contact your local postal authorities with the tracking number.

Paintings held until local taxes are remitted are the responsibility of the customer to pay and pick up their painting shipment. I am not responsible for a painting left unclaimed. Customer is responsible for shipping fees incurred to reship if their unclaimed painting is returned to me.



Your Angel Portrait is for your personal use only. You can not use your Angel Portrait Painting for any commercial purposes without written permission from the artist. There will be a separate commercial fee and licensing. Your Angel Portrait cannot be mass-produced and sold in any form. 

Please contact the artist to inquire more.

I do retain the copyright for all Angel Portraits I create. You can submit a written request that your angel painting is not to be shown publicly. Your Angel Reading is strictly confidential. I delete all audio and video reading session files from my hard drive after the files have been shared with the client. 

 I respect your privacy.

You can read about all Soul Interconnection website Privacy Policies here: