About the Artist


Aly Waterfall

Aly is a trained artist and a gifted psychic with the ability to see (clairvoyant), hear (clairaudient), feel (clairsentient) and communicate/channel telepathically with our angels, guides and ancestors.

In partnership with her team of angels, she uses her talents to connect to your angels and guides by viewing and painting your soul and angel guide portrait, to assist you in building and developing your own interconnection with your soul (and higher self) along your soul path.

Aly began painting angle guide portraits in 1996 through a series of events where her own angels and guides began to show up in internal visions. This activated an upwelling of love and passion directing Aly to paint what she was seeing internally. While working on each painting, a gentle process emerged as she began to listen to the messages that would also happen as she worked on each painting. Aly then began to practice on her friends and family. Then in early 2000, Aly began painting angel guide portraits for the public in the Portland Oregon area. And that's when the adventure truly began! With the assistance of her own angel’s guidance and support, the painting process developed and became more refined over the years with each client she had the honor of working with their angelic team.

Aly looks forward to the express honor of being a creative bridge to assist you in building your personal connection with your own soul, angels and guides with a personal piece of timeless spiritual art.