About the Artist


Aly Waterfall

Aly is a trained artist and a gifted psychic with the ability to see (clairvoyant), hear (clairaudient), feel (clairsentient) and communicate/channel telepathically with our angels, guides and ancestors.

In partnership with her team of angels, Aly uses her skills to connect to our angels and guides through her inner vision. To assist us in building and developing our interconnection with our soul (and higher self) along our soul paths.

Through a series of events starting in 1996, Aly began seeing intensely vivid and beautiful visions. Compelling Aly to painting what she saw internally. Thus began a meeting point for Aly and her angels and guides, who started to show up regularly in inner visions. These inner visions compelled Aly to paint what she was seeing. So that's where the fun started! Capturing Aly's undivided attention, the angels began directing Aly to portray what they were showing her in the Angel Portrait paintings. Aly then began to practice on her friends and family. In early 2000, she started to paint Angel Portraits for the public in the Portland Oregon area, and on the very first day, the "Calling All Angels" adventure began. With each new client, Aly's Angle Portrait painting process further developed and expanded. For Aly, it is an honor to paint the Angels showing up to express their love and support for their person they watch over. Each new client's angels and guides continued acting as art directors for their beloved person's individual Angel Portrait.

Aly looks forward to being a creative bridge and assisting you with building your connection to your angels and guides and soul essence with a personal piece of timeless spiritual art.

Aly also offers her inner vision paintings to inspire and support.